All train services suspended from midnight tonight till March 31

Today trains which commenced their travel is going to probably likely soon be permitted to keep on their travel.  Goods prepare will probably last to function guarantee supplies.
Indian Railways has made a decision to suspend each of passenger railway surgeries out of mid night prior to mid night.  Your choice is going to get an effect on superior trains passenger trains trains, and Kolkata Metrorail, Konkan Railways trains.

Railways Minister Piyush Goyal introduced the decision to comprise the Coronavirus,'' COVID -19 out break.
But a minimum degree of Kolkata Metro railroad services and also trains can last till mid night.  Now the concluding decision with this particular has been shot over the course of a gathering of this Railways plank.
Even the Railways Ministry has made available full refunds for passengers influenced by railway cancellations as much as March 3 1, 20 20.

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