Marc Narducci: Sixers trading for James Harden would be a mistake

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PHILADELPHIA - Disgruntled gatekeeper James Harden has clarified that he asks for from Houston and similarly certain that he wouldn't see any problems with going to Philadelphia. 

Solidify has acquired eight All-Star billets with the Rockets and is the prevailing three-time NBA scoring champion. We as a whole realize that current 76ers leader of b-ball activities Daryl Morey obtained Harden from Oklahoma City for Houston and is a major patron. 

Everyone is associating the Sixers and Harden, and keeping in mind that it is enticing, here is some free guidance for Morey: Don't do it. 

We as a whole recognize Harden is a Hall of Fame player, however attempting to match him with individual All-Stars hasn't actually worked. 

Initial, one needs to consider the value it would take to carry him to Philadelphia. 

There have been recommendations that Morey could gain him without giving up Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons. 


On the off chance that that is the situation, Morey should be accused of fabulous robbery. 

So how about we be practical. In the event that the Sixers got Harden, they would almost certainly need to combine him with Embiid. Both Harden and Simmons need the ball, and it probably wouldn't work. 

To get the pay rates to coordinate, we put the accompanying proposition through the ESPN exchange machine and it said the accompanying arrangement would work: Harden to the Sixers for Simmons, Matisse Thybulle, and Shake Milton. Furthermore, Rockets senior supervisor Rafael Stone ought to request two future first-round picks. 

The Sixers might not have any desire to surrender that much, particularly realizing that Harden looks for from Houston and the Rockets could in the long run collapse. Notwithstanding, there is no motivation to give Harden away for 50 pennies on a dollar. 

Solidify has two seasons in addition to a player alternative left on his agreement. The player choice is for $47 million, and few individuals would anticipate that him should quit from that much cash, regardless of whether he needed to play in Siberia. 

From the Sixers' point of view, they would be parting with three players either 24 or more youthful for a 31-year-old ball-prevailing gatekeeper. 

Presumably, Harden would open up a ton of room for Embiid and for the remainder of his colleagues. In any case, does having one player overwhelm the ball like that truly work in the NBA? 

Over the long haul, Houston would be in an ideal situation making this exchange, on the grounds that the Rockets wouldn't be prepared to win this year on the off chance that they exchange Harden. 

At that point there is whether or not Harden can function admirably with other All-Stars. His one excursion to the NBA Finals accompanied Oklahoma City, when Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were the main events, and he was arising as an extraordinary No. 3 danger. 

Since going to Houston, he has been the unmistakable No. 1. 

Here is the manner by which Harden has fared with individual All-Stars: 

Morey got a still his-prime Dwight Howard to Houston in July 2013, marking him as a free specialist. The Rockets arrived at the Western Conference finals during Howard's subsequent year, sandwiched around first-round season finisher misfortunes his first and third seasons. 

Howard didn't click with Harden and withdrew. 

At that point came Chris Paul, who was procured by Houston from the Los Angeles Clippers in the late spring of 2017. 

Houston went 65-17 and progressed toward the Western Conference finals during Paul's first season, 2017-2018. The Rockets drove Golden State three games to two in the Western finals, however Paul endured a hamstring injury in Game 5 and he didn't play the remainder of the arrangement. Had he been solid, it might have been a totally unique story. 

(In Games 6 and Game 7, Harden joined to shoot 6 for 25 from 3-point range, with 14 turnovers and a less 32 rating). 

The following season, Houston lost in the Western elimination rounds, and afterward Paul was exchanged to Oklahoma City after not clicking with Harden. 

Houston procured another All-Star in that exchange: Westbrook. 

Solidify and Westbrook kept going just one season subsequent to losing in the second round to the Los Angeles Lakers this previous season. 

Westbrook was as of late exchanged to Washington for John Wall and a secured first-round pick. 

To be reasonable, the ESPN exchange machine says the Sixers would help their success complete by five and the Rockets would diminish theirs by 11 if this current author's proposed bargain was made. 

The Sixers would have Harden, Embiid and Tobias Harris, three productive scorers. Their safeguard, notwithstanding, would endure a significant shot without Simmons and Thybulle. 

On the off chance that the Sixers took this action, they would state that they are out to win a title this year. Fans that way, yet would Harden crystallize with individual All-Star Embiid? Would the Sixers succeed with one player taking care of the ball to such an extent? 

It would be an intense move no uncertainty to procure Harden, and Morey has gotten one of the NBA's top chiefs since he isn't reluctant to go for a grand slam. 

It appears to be the Sixers are lucky to be how they are developed. However, the theory and jabber won't kick the bucket until Harden finds another home. 

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